Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Artist of Creation

“An Artist of Creation”[1]

by Louis M. DeCuollo

High up to the heavens the chilled, lifeless head peaks,
halving legends in two[2]; giants to man, our greatest defeat.

Every inch retains an eternity of stories to teach,
of the struggles man has faced, though our span is at mete[3].
Since day three[4], the children of elder time[5] leech
as weeds of a sacrificial vine[6]. Never awaken me from this intoxicating kief[7]!
Truly it was wind that did aspire[8],
His will the brush, His heart the fire.

Staring high up into the speckled twilight sky,
to capture this moment, still framed on a canvas,
would internalize my legacy; so that even as time goes by,
those who look at the same sky will know me to be His apprentice[9].
To dream of such ambition, to the canvas I confide,
is a damning thought in a time such as this[10].
It was not so long ago, that dreams were meant,
to be followed until your soul was full and pent[11].

With each stroke of the tip, one may see,
Brilliant forms of life, the very essence dyed,
eternally locked, bursting sparks, its soul is free.
With sight of this scene, beauty so serene, my conscience sighed
how can one create this beauty, so naturally and perfectly
aligned? So that man's greatest heroes are lost in time[12].
Whisked away, the fine tip whipped creation as my guide;
Wind through the trees, my soul has met.
The rising rays of the sun, I become, in this lapse of time.
Rushing through the universe; pausing on Earth for an instant.

Maddening it is so, to finish such a piece[13],
with no other ability than being made of His physique[14],
from the same fragments, in which these giants were released
to be forever still on land, and buried in the depths of the sea.
I become the crest of rushing waves so purely white,
innocence where the chaotic muse seeks,
so naturally in step with the governing night-light[15].
Timeless aspect of art, while the lea[16] might
change, my work shall not.
Hand motion changes to accommodate the sprot[17].

Dabbing like mad, wildly frantic and fraught;
The half-inch horse hairs, groomed of emerald, fills
The extremities of the trees, lining the giant were the sun sought.
The beauty of twilight is the contradiction instilled,
By He who defies the word, for one single light governs naught.
Both Diana and Apollo can be seen, though their desire unfulfilled[18].
To and fro the brush tip went, building and creating, trapping
And enchanted moment, movement within this canvas, spirits rapping[19].

Ecstasy showers this kef as I draw near;
When finishing this piece, a point stands out.
It is my creation, that holds truth so clear,
If there was a time of any doubt;
It is He that created the meek and mild, in fear[20].
With that will burning in my eyes[21], finishing strokes applied all about.
It is the creator’s level I have reached, from being a creation, mild and meek[22].
Dwarfing nature just this once, lasting an eternal duration, greatness is what to I am betrothed!
Place me on your shelf, where legends lay to rest and Apollo never shows[23].

[1] Title is a pun on “Artist of the Beautiful” published by Nathaniel Hawthorne in 1866. 
[2] Ripping legends in halve:  symbolic of half a constellation (legend) being covered by the peak of a mountains.  In essence, nature dwarfs human capability. 
[3] Mete:  at a turning point
[4] Day three:  Genesis 1:14 “And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good”. (King James Version)
[5] Percy Bysshe Shelly uses this phrase in “Mont Blanc” when referencing trees.
[6] “…bloody sacrificial vine”:  the grape vine, known for making wine which is the sacrificial blood of Christ.
[7] Kief:  intoxicated dream state, 1808 (OED)
[8] William Blake’s poem, “The Tyger”
[9] …His apprentice:  symbolic of a sub-creator as seen in J.R.R Tolkien’s “Leaf by Niggle”
[10] Dreams being damned is a reference to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Artist of the Beautiful”
[11] Pent:  overflowing reservoir. 
[12]“…perfectly aligned” through “lost in time”:  references constellations being blocked by land and forgotten.
[13] Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Artist of the Beautiful” and frustrations to make a perfect piece of art.
[14] Man is supposedly created in the image of God.
[15] Genesis 1:12-15, God set forth the sun to govern the day and the moon to govern the night.
[16] Naturally open land and fields, i.e. a valley.
[17] Sprout:  course grass
[18] Story of Diana and Apollo that they are damned to forever chase each other never meeting again. 
[19] Spirit-rapping:  rapping noises and supposed strange occurrences from contact with spirits. 
[20]This line refers to William Blake’s release of the Songs of Innocence and Experience, and contradiction between “Little Lamb” and “The Tyger”.
[21] This line references William Blake’s, “The Tyger”, and personifying the aspect of a “burnt the fire of thine eyes”. 
[22] William Blake’s, “Little Lamb”.  “…He is meek, he is mild”
[23] Ancient civilizations often named constellations after those who achieved greatness.

Louis Michael DeCuollo, a New Jersey native, is an English major at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina.  He and his twin brother—James—both will graduate from the Citadel in May 2011 receiving their Bachelor of the Arts in English.  Louis will be commissioned in the United States Army following his brief enlistment period starting in March 2010.  His brother will be commissioned in the Marine Corps upon graduation.   Louis began showing an interest in literature at a young age.  He started memorizing poetry by authors such as William Blake and other British Romantic Writers during the early years of high school.  He has been writing stories, poetry, plays, and lyrics since childhood.  His literature interests include the British Romantic Movement, Medieval Literature, classical Philosophical texts, and some fiction.  He hopes to produce a book of his original poetry one day.

A major influence in his academic career was when he spent a summer semester studying abroad with James and other friends in the UK and visited places such as the Lake District outside of Grasmere, England; Dublin, Ireland; London, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as other various places within the boundaries of the UK.  It was there where his true love for literature blossomed to the level that it is today.  Louis enjoys being with his family and friends, working out, playing guitar, reading, and writing during spare time from the military life.    

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